A play quilt for Eloise

3 things:
1. Eloise needs to improve her gross motor skills
2. I was inspired by this mood board:
3. I had 10 hours over 3 days total to complete this project, and $20.

Et voila! A play quilt for Eloise. 
I used the $20 to buy as much quality 100% wool for the top. I wanted fabric that would offer some friction and traction for Eloise. Makes it easier for her to stay upright, and her toys don't roll away as easily. The wool is perfect!
Tell me you can see that mood board, right?
My most important audience loves it!
Good sensory and motor skill honing happening there!
With a little pocket for St. Joan, thanks Emily! 
Tummy time improved!
Been dying to use that fabric - made a great backing! So cheerful. 


  1. Yay! Love everything about this. Glad you got the Joan, and figured out what/who it was for.

  2. ^^ that was me. Curse you husband.

  3. Oh, this is great!!! I love it. And her. and you.