Begone, netherworld!

Kitchen pantry before:
Those extra brown shelves on the side were for the overflowing art supplies. 
Kitchen pantry and wall after:
My cousin and my mom painted the black chalkboard paint. I could not love it any more than I already do! Big thanks go to my husband and my dad who built and installed the open shelves. No more netherworld of lost food!
I'm using baskets and glass jars for storage. I love how tidy it looks. A box of cereal fits pretty nicely in the biggest mason jars, and look so much more appealing than in those hyperactive boxes.
My cousin's brainwave. All the crayons, pens and markers sorted by color in glass jars, so the girls can find the color they are looking for. This is after using it for a few days, so the girls seem to be keeping the system! None of us can wait to unleash some chalk creativity, but we have to let the paint cure for three days, and then prime it with chalk. But when we do, I will post some pictures!

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