Two things I learned so far this week:

  1. There are surprises around the corner, even if you think you've explored all the possibilities of a place.
  2. Sometimes a dear friend can make all the difference in life.
Margy had a great surprise for me last Saturday evening - we went on a Jeep safari in Africa. Well, as close to an African landscape as you can find in Utah Valley! It did involve off-road jeeping, and getting lost once. Totally counts.
Such a happy post in response to this one I wrote. Jeep adventures needn't be exclusive to the savannas of Africa!
Utah Lake. Not one of Utah's most charismatic bodies of water, but with the breeze, the clouds in the sunset, and good company, it was just what my soul needed!

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  1. I love both Margy and Shelley! Thelma and Louise on safari, for sure.