Eloise Party, Part I: Decorations

With the vintage ballerina slippers I scored at a flea market, I asked the florist to fill them with daisies and "very small pink roses." (Please tell me someone else knows that Audrey Hepburn quote - the florist sure didn't.)
 I re-did a salvaged window for the backdrop to our guestbook sign-in
 My cousin Katie made these for me!

 The Glamper is completely finished. I feel good about that!

Yes - even my Glamper has a chandy.

 Trevor made all the signs for me!
 Props for the photobooth!

 The best kind of parties only serve desserts!

 I loved this idea. The plates fit just so perfectly in my vintage suitcase!
 I am in love with the huge circle balloons. 

 Flowers from my garden and books from my shelves.

 'E' for Eloise

 Guestbook sign-in. It has been so busy-busy-busy at my house since the party I haven't even had a chance to open this and read it! The only way I'm writing this post is sacrificing some shut-eye...
 I made these fun glitter wands for anyone who felt like they needed some sparkle for the evening.
 I loved how many boys took wands. I made sure to have plenty of blue and green.
 The "photobooth" consisted of the sofa I have been working on, an antique frame from Paris, and pretty glass orbs with colorful twinkle lights.
Its a shame these lights looked their best after the party was finished, when it was truly dark. It was like a fairy tree.

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  1. I devoured every last little detail and tried hard to remember each one when I returned home. Magic! Thanks for the photos here. And will you make me one of those cake topper-type things some time? I'd love to keep it on my desk.