Roast beef au jus

My favorite sandwich is a roast beef on baguette au jus. I order it wherever it is served, but I am forever let down with a Platonistic disappointment. I just know there is a better au jus sandwich out there. 
I was craving one the other day, and decided to make it myself. Researched recipes, bought the correct and excellent ingredients, and tried it for dinner last night. 
The baguette was not a "true" baguette, but it was flavorful and delicious. The roast beef turned out beautifully, and the au jus filled our house with delicious aromas. Instead of the traditional Swiss cheese, I used muenster. Who could resist, I mean it's muenster!
My children gobbled it up. I was finally fulfilled - I had created the Platonic perfection of a roast beef au jus sandwich in my very own kitchen!


  1. I find Kneaders to usually do it justice (they call it "French dip"). What do you think?

  2. In my opinion, Kneaders uses too many ingredients.

  3. I love - LOVE - roast beef au jus. Yours sounds excellent. :) "Too many ingredients" have spoiled the experience for me many, many times.