Month of Misery

After multiple changes in costume, last night's Trick or Treating looked like this:
Eloise as Rapunzel, Daina as a lovely deer, Josephine as Laachi (no one knew who she was), Amelia as Snow White, and Hazel as Baby Toothless (the Dragon).
As a child, teenager and even young adult I enjoyed Halloween. But as a mother, I have started to hate it. Loathe. Detest. In fact in my own mind, the whole month of October has been relabeled "Month of Misery for Mothers of Multiples." The costumes alone cause so much uproar, the holiday's colors are so ugly (orange, black, purple, green? Its like a perpetual Ensor painting), and don't get me started on the candy. More than a 3/4 the candy goes straight in the trash. Halloween used to be a one-night event, but has morphed into this tedious, month-long American holiday. Yet one more reason I wish I was on the other side of the Atlantic....*sigh.* Between the costume parades at school, the candy at school, Trevor's work party, the ward's Trunk or Treat, and actual trick or treating, I just about lost it this year. 
So, I thought...Halloween has given the children so much joy at my expense, they can suffer just a moment of misery for my own amusement, right? So we did the Jimmy Kimmel prank this morning...
Their reactions are so indicative of their personalities. Hazel slowly dissolves into silent tears, Josephine is trying to explain it, and Amelia is monitoring her sisters' reactions. If you aren't familiar with the Jimmy Kimmel tradition, oh you're in for a treat.
My reward tonight for surviving the Month of Misery is a fresh baguette with brie and strawberry fig jam, with a visit from my brother Spencer!

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