What is there to say?

The time for Eloise to have a Nissen fundoplication has come. Her recent passing out "blue spells" have caused us to spend hours and hours consulting (expensive!) specialists, and preparing for an enormous, entirely necessary surgery. It will entail five or six hours in the OR, and a 7-14 day stay in the hospital. We had it scheduled for November 24, and all arrangements were made. Only to have Primary's cancel it at the proverbial last minute. I have mentioned before how much I loathe talking on the phone. This cancellation required me to spend HOURS talking on the phone. I would rather have been tasked with detangling a grizzly bear's fur whilst smelling of fresh fish. 

It has all been a roller coaster of apprehension, anxiety, optimism, furious anger, resignation and emptiness. That is all I want to write about it, because now it looks like I will spend another Christmas in an ICU, and what is there to say?


  1. So, so sorry sweet lady.

  2. ^^^What Margy said. Damn!

  3. Best of luck! It sounds like a miserable ordeal for everyone. I'm glad that this surgery will help Eloise, though, in the long run.