Art Talks and the Beastly Cold of Death

Over the past week, I have not been downright suicidal, but I have wished at some point everyday that I could just be dead. The events, in order:
  • Spend 3 hours on the phone with nurses, secretaries and doctors at Primary Children's Medical Center. The night ends in hours of crying on my part.
  • All my plans fall apart.
  • More phone calls ensue. Remember how I hate talking on the phone?
  • The day before Thanksgiving, all the children fall prey to The Beastly Cold of Death. 
  • All my plans fall apart.
  • Josephine wakes up with pus flowing out her ear - must go to pediatrician's.
  • Josephine gets a second degree burn.
  • Eloise has an actively runny nose and a sore throat, which is made infinitely worse because of her constant reflux. She throws up 2-3 an hour, and usually on my pants, because she doesn't want anything except to be on mama's lap. Remember how she has blue spells when she gets really upset?! I am her slave for four freaking days. 
  • My hands smell like vomit no matter how often I clean them.
  • So do my pants.
  • No one gets much sleep.
  • All my plans fall apart.
  • These words flow forth from my Amelia's mouth, "Whoa...its too quiet in this house! AAAAHHHHHHH!"
  • I go to bed with a roaring headache every night.
  • Because Eloise is sick, I have to cancel her echo cardiogram, which may very well endanger the second rescheduled date for her major surgery.
  • And all my plans fall apart.
However, (miracle!) I actually have something to look forward to this week. Art Talk "The Nature Theater of Christo and Jeanne-Claude" by Professor Jonathan Fineberg at the Kimball Art Center in Park City this Thursday, with my dear friend and art aficionado Alison. I have no doubt this lecture is going to be spectacular, and mmmmm how I love Christo and Jeanne-Claude. One night without children, one night with no one throwing up on me, one night when I can actually DO something with this relentless passion.
Oh those glowing, flowing saffron textiles...
I tried (and failed) to convince Trevor that Christo should be at the top of the list if we ever had a boy, but we never had to face that argument!
I hope hope hope this project finally becomes reality, I could actually experience one of their works in person!!!

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