Odile Redon, Dream, 1904
I don't know if I have a hyperactive subconscious or what, but I have incredibly vivid dreams. Every night I have detailed, life-like dreams, so much so that sometimes it takes me a few minutes to wake up and recognize them as dreams. Last Saturday night I dreamt I was applying to PhD programs, and I was sure I was going to be accepted to NYU's art history department. I was going to work on medieval tapestries, and have an internship at The Cloisters. It felt all too painfully real.

But, oh, reality is a harsh mistress.

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  1. True for now, but don't stop dreaming! My aunt and uncle got PhDs in their 50s (I think my uncle may have even been in his early 60s when he finished) and they've been truly enjoying their "new" careers for 20 years now!