recorded lullabies

Singing used to be a big part of my daily life, and for many, many years. BYU's music department is at fault for killing it. I was more interested in Art History than Music, and all I really wanted was to sing. There weren't many places for the (hundreds) of girls like me in their program. I have an alto voice, and I'm not much of a soloist, more suited to small, intimate gatherings, like campfires or lullabies. Which are the only places outside church where I sing these days. 
I am leaving my children with their dad for a full week. I am more excited than nervous, but I can't help be a little nervous leaving my littles, even in capable hands. To ease the bedtime routine for Trevor, I asked my brother Spencer to learn the girls' favorite lullaby on the guitar, so I could sing it and record. The plan is to upload the lullaby onto their itty-bitty iPod shuffles to hear in their beds at night on their headphones, and maybe miss their mama less. 
Okay, I've never recorded myself singing before, and I'd rather hear marbles in a dryer than my own recorded voice. But I'm placing the link here for the girls in the future, because I'm not sure how best to store a recording for long-term. My brother is playing guitar and singing harmony, and we were pretty happy despite having to hear ourselves. 

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