Reading: an Enduring Interest

My children are still young enough that when they see me actively reading something, anything, they have no issue with interrupting me. How I typically respond is, "Hold on honey -- let me finish the paragraph....okay, what's up?" But how I want to respond is, "OH MY WORD CAN'T YOU SEE I AM READING?! GET OUTTA HERE." Such is my love and intensity of reading. Therefore, I don't visibly read so as to invite my children to harass me, instead I listen. I listen to audiobooks, podcasts and NPR constantly. Otherwise my brain would fall out of my ears and I would fall into a puddle of dark gray melancholy.

I started reading In the Woods two days ago, and all I want to do is FIND OUT WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON IN KNOCKNAREE. I want to walk around with an earbud in one ear constantly to find out what happens next. But I don't want to set a bad example for the kids. So instead I've been listening to it deep into the night, and I find myself inventing reasons to be in the kitchen so I can put it on the radio and listen. "Oh, raspberries are on sale, I better buy a flat and make raspberry jam. Even though I have made 14 jars of it already this week. Gotta love summer produce! (And a reason to spend an hour in the kitchen!)"

Its shameless really, but I am glad I can still be swept away in a good story. Its comforting to know that even though the method of reading has changed for me, the enduring interest has not.

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