dream castles

Our evening routine takes an eternity. I read a book to each girl, say a prayer, and sing to each individually. Tonight we read a book about a girl who lives in a miniature castle inside a museum.
So I asked each girl what their castle would be like. What would you have in your castle? What would you do? That's all I had to ask, and wow! It got their imaginations running wild! I wanted to write about their responses here, mostly so I won't forget them in days to come.
Millie: Her castle has a pool. A pool and a swing. A swing you can fly high and jump into the pool! Every member of her family are present, so she "never has to be alone ever." There are puppies and bats as her pets. This is so Millie. Fun physical activity is most important, and we are all together ALL THE TIME.
Hazel: Her castle has bears and dragons, "like, 20,000," and they are all green and nice. She wears a green dress, and eats green cream of wheat, which is the only thing she wants on the menu both in her dream castle and at home. Seriously, I make this kid cream of wheat for lunch 3-4 times a week.
Josephine: She seemed mostly interested in interior decoration and the look of the architecture. Mostly, how many surfaces can be decorated with rainbows. It sounded al little like Malmaison meets Lisa Frank. Her bed has an actual cloud with rainbows for her comforter, and blue and orange pillows. Her pets are a gray wolf and a white ferret, named Hunt and Shimmer Shiny Shine respectively. I could hardly get Jo to stop talking and go to sleep. I literally had to stop her mid sentence and say, "Jo, your sisters are asleep, and I have more work to do downstairs. You've got to quit talking. I will listen to your dream castle tomorrow, and you can even draw me a picture. But for now, go to sleep and dream about it."

I love my girls, and I am having so much more fun with them now than I ever have in the past. I am loving this stage, school-aged girls with wild imaginations and growing vocabularies. So much better than mewling infants. I'll never miss having twin babies, or three children under 18-months-old, or a baby in the NICU. I will never look back on fondness on the last six years - but I am most definitely loving where we are going. These little girls are so full of life!

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