catching sleep

I used to have a hard time sleeping anywhere besides my bed. Then I became a mother four times over, and I can sleep just about anywhere. I have even had the thought, "If this red light is long enough, I could maybe close my eyes..." I can sleep curled up into a tiny, uncomfortable chair, on a hard floor, I could probably fall asleep under an ocean pier.
Young mothers go around with a quiet desperation; there just isn't enough sleep or food or peace of mind to go around. Its because you are around these small proto-humans all day and all night, asking hundreds of questions that you are compelled to answer. "How can Santa and God see us all the time?" "How do flying squirrels fly?" Or, "I think I just threw up. Can I sleep with you?" Some days I feel like all I do is work in the kitchen, preparing food for these children or cleaning it up, or working on homework or preparing medicine. Its no wonder I catch myself fantasizing about endless rest.
But for now, I'm going to bed, in the hope I can catch some sleep tonight.

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