Thoughts on a Monday

  • "Is your husband home?" is the worst way to begin a conversation if you are a stranger knocking on my door, for a host of reasons.
  • Want to know what gets under my skin? When people compare our healthcare system to those in Western Europe. Norway is like the size of California! Those countries are smaller geographically, and with smaller populations. Of course they are more efficient! Its literally like comparing apples to oranges. 
  • My favorite Jane Austen novel is Sense and Sensibility. When I was a younger woman, I thought I was 100% Marianne. Now? I'm 100% Eleanor. I wonder how some women retain their inner Marianne through life, when not even Marianne retained it completely. 
  • I caught a flu on Thanksgiving, and all my Thanksgiving dinner was expelled from my body. I realized this was the second Thanksgiving dinner I've thrown up - my other was on Semester at Sea, in the middle of the Atlantic ocean. That thought did cheer me up a little. 

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