jo and millie

I finally got a video last night of Millie and Jo. Josephine is on the left and Amelia on the right (or maybe you're good enough to see the difference for yourself now?) I'm starting to feel a little weird about posting pictures and videos of the babies, and I'm considering going private on the blog. I'll definitely let you know before/if I do it.

Trev and I were deathly ill last Thursday. A 24-hour super virus flu took us out, and took me to the emergency room. The worst part was not seeing the babies for TWO WHOLE DAYS. We survived...but it was the darkest of days.

Tonight's bath night, which we love. Enjoy the video!


  1. They are tiny, but it's still insane to thing they both fit inside one person.
    I ultimately decided my blog was more about me than about my kids.... hence my stubborn public-ness.

    Hard to decide though when your life is (currently) ALL about your kids.

    Tricky stuff, parenting.

  2. they really are so small. Glad you're doing better.
    Going private wouldn't be a bad idea, I'd say. Just let us know!

  3. oh sweetheart. your life! call when you have a moment.


  4. They are so beautiful!
    Do let us know when you go private.
    I want to blog, but the whole privacy thing has been holding me back. Especially since my youngest is adopted and has the first name his birth mom gave him. If I did blog, I think I'd give my kids nick names for the blog.
    Oh enjoy them! Before you know it they will be 10 and giving you attitude!