just keep swimming

Here's a picture of Amelia receiving a spa bath treatment from her dad. She becomes so rapt in new sensations, like water...
Jo and Millie are doing alright. We're just waiting for them to grow a little more, develop a bit more. They are truly adorable, and very different from each other.

I have been fairing much better since Trevor finished his semester. He's able to spend more time with me at the hospital, and not being alone there makes a big difference. He's so calm, optimistic and strong it calms me down significantly. However, I'd be MUCH BETTER if the girls were finally home with us. Throughout my grueling pregnancy, the terror and discomfort of a c-section, and everything associated with those events I have not been afraid to do it again, to have more children. But experiencing nearly 24 days straight of the NICU does. I don't think I could go through this ever again.


  1. Just look at that baby girl sucking on her binky! She's developed good skills. At that rate you guys will all be home together soon for sure, and the nesting will begin! Hang in there!

  2. Oh Shelley! I want to see the Girls again! I miss them!

  3. Well, here's hoping postpartum amnesia kicks in good and strong.

    Those girls are dwarfed by their pacifiers... it makes me giggle a bit.

    SO MANY good wishes and prayers coming your way!

  4. Oh gosh. Thinking of you and Trev and the girls every day, Shelley.