We are making progress. Today we're enduring another 24-hour test, and tomorrow will be "on demand" which means we'll be in the hospital for another 24-48 hours. But then, hopefully, if all goes well, that means discharge Sunday morning! I'm afraid of actually believing that in case it doesn't happen, but we have faith the girls can do it. And Trevor's bringing me Cafe Rio tonight, so how bad can life be, really :)?

Remember how a while ago I was working on a master's degree in Art History? Well, I was. And my thesis has recently been published online, and I'm so glad I went through all that hassle to have it released electronically. If you care to have a look-see, you can access it here. If anything you should take a gander at all the lovely tapestry images at the end. Also, if you have seen the recent Harry Potter movie, as Trevor and I were so amazingly fortunate to have had the chance to see while Millie and Jo were on their last day of 4-a-day feedings, the Lady and the Unicorn and The Hunt of the Unicorn are EVERYWHERE. In the common room of Griffindor tower, behind Malfoy as he is entering the Room of Requirement, and in little snippets of the castle throughout. How I love Harry Potter, and I can't believe I actually got to see the movie! L.O.V.E.D I.T.

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  1. Yay for an electronic thesis! You're going to start getting quoted all over the place, I'm sure of it! I just read your abstract, and your argument appears very interesting. I'm excited to look at the rest of your work...


    And I hope that the girls do come home this Sunday. I'm sure that has been so difficult. On the bright side, it's really great that you and Trevor got to see Harry Potter! I'm dying to go. Since Sam has been born, though, we've only been to two movies in the theater. Hopefully we'll be able to see Harry Potter soon and add that to our meager movie list!