small hiccups

A little discouraging today. We moved back to only four feedings a day rather than "on request." I won't bog down with details, so let's just say it's a small movement backward. However Josephine made huge leaps forward. I felt like I wanted to try breastfeeding again with her, and she took to it like a champ! I was so surprised! She has never really caught on until today. For the whole week we tried everyday last week she acted like she wanted nothing less. But today she loved it and was so pleased with herself. So proud of her! She did so well in fact, we're not even going to do a bottle with her anymore. That is progress!

My mother-in-law brought the girls back two seriously adorable outfits from Sergent Major in Paris. Can't help feeling a little Euro-hip owning some little outfits from Paris for Millie and Jo.

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  1. Go Jo! I am so glad to hear that she has taken to the breastfeeding. I can't wait to see a picture of the girls in their outfits from Paris. That store has some of the CUTEST clothes! I am sending my love and strength your way.