t a g g e d

Margy "tagged" me a while ago for Seven Random Things about me. Here goes:
  1. I want a tattoo. A Celtic knot on my ankle. Where's the harm in that? Seriously?
  2. I lived in a hundred year old house on the beach on Pearl Harbor for three years of my childhood, where I met my best friend.
  3. I was Springville Art City Queen in 2002.
  4. I presented a talk at the Celtic Studies Association of North America (CSANA) in New York discussing medieval Welsh chairs won at bardic competitions. This experience changed the direction of my life in a totally unexpected way.
  5. I love doing laundry.
  6. I've skinny dipped in the Amazon River.
  7. The first CD I ever purchased was Alanis Morisette's Jagged Little Pill. She's held a special place in my heart since.
I tag: Trevor, Em, Laura, Becca, Holly, Monica, Daina and Josh.

1 comment:

  1. I think I knew all of these things except the laundry part. And the Springville Art City Queen part. A queen! And she does laundry, too!