I know this is a (very) public forum, but I just gotta say, my life has been laced with miracles since my babies have been born. It was miraculous, for being so young, that both girls only needed assisted breathing for a few hours after birth. It's a miracle Josephine started nursing right in time for Trevor to begin his semester. It's answer to prayers that she's nursing at all. I am being blessed with divine help everyday, and I know it.
I love being a mom. It feels like up to this point in my life I've been trying on different costumes, and now I'm finally my true self. It is difficult, and I imagine twins is harder than having just one at a time, but I have such sweet daughters. I love being with them, it just feels right in every single way. I've never been this content or satisfied with myself and my life. I am so blessed, and so filled with love.


  1. touche.... albeit sometimes I WISH I felt that way about motherhood. Toddlerdom and beyond are ...wow. But that's with a super-energetic boy, not sweet girls. So I suspect you'll be fine.

  2. ashley Anderson9/17/09, 10:29 PM

    Hi Shelley -

    google search Sophie La Girafe from france.
    it's a darling chew toy that your girls MUST have.

    - Ashley N.Anderson

  3. Ashley anderson9/17/09, 10:29 PM

    I shouldn't say "chew" toy - more like teething toy :)