two new blogs

I announce the creation of two new blogs, of which I am the author. One is titled Pluie Parisienne, it is unabashedly feminine on the verge of girly, where I highlight lovely things I like. Craft-y, home-y, pretty, French-y, lovely.

The second is my effort to stay in touch with academia in a minor way. Basically I will focus on an era or genre of medieval art and post works of art with some of my somewhat informed, if amateur, thoughts on them. It's called Medieval Illumination, and I'm really excited.

Trevor lent me his enormous talents and a bit of time to help me with the banners for both. So credit goes to him. Blogging is an activity that I can do one-handedly whilst feeding my babies, my most consuming daily activity, and I love having it as an outlet. I doubt I'll have much of a reading base for either blog, but it doesn't really matter because I like doing it. I figure I'm going to lose a lot of readership once I go private, so I probably won't spend as much time with Shesh 'n Trev, and will divide my 'blogging time' between the three blogs. Don't forget to send me your e-mail if you haven't already if you want to read this blog after October 1st.

1 comment:

  1. They both look really fun! Yay for another art history blog!

    Also, I would like to be added to your blog's private list too, please. (I know you have my email address, but I'll send it to you just in case.)