my beautiful babies

How we spend our days: feeding, sleeping, changing, story time, tummy time, bath time, lullabies and cuddle time. These were from cuddling this afternoon, the three of us. So lucky I get to spend all day with these beauties. Josephine must be dreaming about something just terrific! Millie's hair is thinning a bit on top, I'm wondering if she's going to lose this crop of hair and another will grow in. Josephine's hair just seems to get thicker and thicker every day, but you can't see it in this picture - it's all in the back.


  1. yay I'm getting better at guessing which one is which!! :)
    So adorable, each of them.
    Apparently when I was a baby, my hair was jet black, it fell out and came back in light light light blonde. Now I'm a light brown. Figures. :P

  2. Such beauties. The whole time I was in France I kept thinking what cool names you chose.