a series of unconnected thoughts

  • Motherhood strips your vanity. My mom was great and we went out together today, and as I stepped out the door I thought, "Wait - am I dressed?" and grabbed at my clothes. In that split second I thought maybe I still was in my pajamas. Before babies, I wondered if everything was perfect - hair, teeth, shoes, pants, etc.
  • Josephine is such a Josephine, not a Jo. Not a Josie either. She is a full on Empress Josephine. Whereas Amelia is much more Millie than Amelia.
  • In the past 13 months, Trev and I have left Utah County a total of four times. Two of those were related to brothers' weddings. The other two were to Salt Lake. I did get to spend a day and a half in Arizona in March. Umm..yikes! Time for a trip, please! Oh wait, I have three month old twins.
  • I haven't bought new shoes since graduate school began two years ago. If I could have any shoes in the world, they would be these. Actually, I could never spend that kind of money on shoes, even if I had it to spend. Not unless I was going to wear them every day for the rest of my life.
  • I love hot air balloons, not that I've ever flown in one.
  • I tried to watch an episode of the British "The Office," but couldn't understand the majority of what was being said.
  • Two conversations revolving around marshmallows and me:
MOM: "Where is the bag of Jet Puffed I set down here this morning? I need to make rice krispie treats for Lake Powell."
ME: "Umm...I took them downstairs. They were left unattended! No note or anything! They were lonely marshmallows."
MOM: "Can I get them back?"
ME: "Well, I already emptied the bag into my marshmallow bin."
MOM: "Are there any left?"
ME: "Yes."

After Lake Powell.

MOM: "Shelley - you didn't finish off those rice krispie treats I left you!"
ME: "They were chocolate rice krispie treats. Not enough of the marshmallow flavor."
ANDY: "Why don't you just eat marshmallows straight up then?"
ME: "I do."


  1. Oh. My. Goodness. THE SHOES. *wants*

  2. Ha ha! I can totally relate to being stripped of vanity. There were months that I didn't usually shower (or get out of my pajamas) until 4:30 in the afternoon - and my only motivation to get ready "for the day" was that Jeremy was about to come home from work.

  3. They are lovely boots, and could be pretty versatile, although probably not every single day for years versatile....

  4. I think you should do a random thoughts post at least once a week. Like on Friday, for instance. I enjoy them so!