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Typical of how the girls sleep. Millie can't handle having her arms in her swaddle anymore, but Josephine loves it. Amelia's wrists are becoming just single creases, and I want to know why baby knuckles are more like pits than knuckles...?
Josephine during playtime this afternoon.
A little daddy-daughter cuddle time. Amelia is closest to the camera. Josephine's little profile looks exactly like her ultrasound pictures. Millie's cheeks are so chubby - she looks like a chipmunk. I kiss them probably more than she likes.
Lots of babies! This was the first meeting for my girls and Sarah's Ivy. They will, of course, be best of friends, just like their mothers :).

Josephine is breastfeeding exclusively. Its still astonishing to me, and I will never take it for granted. I believe it's honestly because of the power of prayer, not to be too, what, cheesy? Mormon? But it was; I know it had a divine stamp on it because the stubborn little lass wouldn't have ever done it otherwise. She's so much happier (probably because her mama is so much happier) and is finally eating significant amounts. Still nothing compared to Amelia, but enough to where I'm not concerned. Every time she does it I think it's a miracle.

I haven't left the house in, well, days. The car seats are in Trev's car, which spends most of its days in the UVU east parking lot. I do get outside though, mostly in the backyard. In ninth grade when we were studying Emily Dickinson, my teacher humorously summed up saying she was a recluse hanging out all day in white dresses writing poetry. One of my classmates screwed her head around to look at me, and said "That sounds like something you would do." She clearly meant it as a "cut down" or whatever because she never liked me, but I was so flattered. I couldn't show it, of course, because she didn't mean it kindly. But someone had just said there was something in me resembling Emily Dickinson! Hey! Anyway, that comment came back to me the other day, when I was wearing a white skirt and a white blouse, and hadn't seen anyone all day. Maybe I should start writing poetry...

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  1. *Maybe I should start writing poetry...*

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