Shelley vs Wonder Woman

Perhaps in church or at school you were asked the typical question: What do you look for in a spouse? Then you would write down a list of the attributes, talents and characteristics that match your visionary dream of your significant other. Also that if you emanated your list, that would be the most successful for finding your spouse. It is meant to mean that if you are what you are looking for, it often times finds you too. Or maybe something similar to the classic: You are what you eat! I don't know.... and that is not the point. I do remember thinking that I wanted a wife that was strong, smart, that would work hard and stand beside me though anything. That didn't have fears but lots of faith. I wanted one that wasn't afraid to use some muscle and get dirty. One that would go on any crazy adventure that I would. Someone willing to take a bullet for the ones they love. I wanted someone that had as much passion for life and my interests as much as I did.
However boyish and immature some of this list was it was important to me and who I was and am. I wanted a wonder woman.
Much time has past and I have been married to Shelley for 3 years and we have twin angels. Sometimes they are frustrating, but still angels none the less. I don't want to make this sound like Shelley hasn't been a wonder woman until now because that would be a lie. She always has been from day one. The amazing thing to me is that she is MORE than wonder woman. She is greater than the heavens. The things that she has to go though for our family is a testament of that. Daily the doctors, nurses and pediatricians are blown away by her stamina and sacrifices for the babies. They can't believe what she has done and is capable of doing with nursing and such.
It couldn't be more clear when I hear these people compliment my wife that she is one of a kind. Extremely unique. One in a million-Trillion. Did I know this when I met her? Yes, but everyday is a joy and a surprise to see that she is still showing me sides of her I never knew were there. Sides that I would never have thought any normal human was capable of.
If it came down to a contest between wonder woman and my wife.... Wonder Woman would be but a toy doll in the mercy of my wife's hand.

Love you so much Shelley... Thank you for being the love of my life.


  1. Aw, I think it's so cute when husbands pop onto blogs just to say cute things about their wife.

    Nicely done, Trevor.