happy halloween

Between pumpkin picking and pulling out the decorations, the Halloween spirit has swept through our house. To celebrate, here are a few items:

"A Very Grave Matter" is a website written and maintained by a Jenn Marcelais whose objective is to document gravestones and epitaphs from old cemeteries on the East Coast. Some are as early as the 17th century. I am fascinated by the sculpted headstones, the sometimes frightening (STOP CARELESS MORTAL READ/ THY CERTAIN DOOM,/ AND TAKE A LESSON FROM/ THIS SILENT TOOM,/ ERE DEATHS COLD HANDS SHALL/ STOP THY BOLD CAREER,/ AND THY POOR SOUL TO/ DISTANT REGEONS BEAR.) and sometimes beautiful (Gentle loving wife and mother/ Much we miss thy presence dear/ Yet by faith we still may see thee/ As our guardian angel near. Mary Pecker Fowler.) epitaphs, and her blog.

A cool graphic:

And finally two of my favorite Disney Halloween cartoons:

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