What I can hear

I'm sorry I've disapeared. I've noticed that the time I spend online isn't fulfilling for me the way it used to be. I've been spending any free time (ha ha) doing tactile things. The babies are coming into a fun stage where they are becoming aware of their surroundings and objects. Josephine is a demanding child. Any little thing can upset her, but her sister could not be more different.

I'm lying in bed with Amelia who is plucking on my pillowcase, unwilling to close her eyes on the day, Josephine just beyond in the crib occassionally sucking on her binkie in her sleep making a clicky sound as the handle hits the rim. I can hear our labrador snoring from the floor above. The most comforting sound is Trev's deep deep breathing next to me. Now its my turn to tuck in, Millie is finally slowing down as I feel her little tummy against mine take in deeper and slower breaths, as her hands give up their occupation.

Good night.

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