Oh, poor blog. I have neglected it for a month. What can I say? I've been busy.

We are entering into a beautiful stage with the twins. They both can sit up unsupported, but cannot yet crawl. I can leave them on the floor and they keep themselves happy for unexpected amounts of time. I am actually getting things done! I am not exaggerating when I say that up to this point it has been an accomplishment simply to shower before noon. But since the babies are not so needy, and in fact want more independence from me, I am doing projects. Primarily I am learning to quilt and sew. My mother is a superb quilter, and I want her to teach me everything she knows before we move away. We both have been loving it.
I have also been absolutely addicted to podcasts. They keep my mind occupied. I especially love iTunes U, which posts lectures given at universities around the country. I love just listening to lectures to enjoy them, not concerned about exams or papers. I do wish I could take notes though.

Oh, Josephine is crying. Ta ta.


  1. Oh, the podcasts sound divine! If only I weren't in the depths of a stage where my children need my ears more than any other part of me.

    (I've missed you)

  2. it's always a pleasure to check in with casa de shelley!