ugly clothes

Trevor and I are poor enough that when someone gives us baby clothes, the babies should wear them, right? Even if they are emblazoned with hideous statements like "What part of Princess don't you understand?" or are collared with faux fur, or a shade of fushia-magenta-hot-pink that burns the retina for a full thirty seconds after looking at it? If I were a humble person I would gratefully take said apparel and the next time I knew I was going to see that person I would put the (ugly) clothes on my adorable twins and smile and say "Thanks!"
I'm not allowed to give them away because we don't have money to spare for clothes, or anything else? Even if EVERY SINGLE TIME I look at the ugly clothes I think 'Gah! I HATE THAT." I am struggling with this, can you tell?


  1. OH HOW I FEEL YOU!!!!!!

    Only I deal with boy clothes

    and trucks and muscle tees.

    I'm learning that when I'm boxing up clothes they've grown out of, I only box up the clothes I like, and the rest I can pass along.

    BUT SOMEDAY the way my kids are dressed will ACTUALLY REFLECT MY TASTE.


    Whenever that is.

  2. I know you don't like them (and I get that that's annoying), but if it makes you feel any better, your daughters will never know the difference. They won't remember and they'll be adorable no matter what they're wearing.

    You could make a sort of game out of it, like they're playing dress-up and imagine what sorts of adventures they could get into dressed like such "characters." At least that's what I would do.