9 month check up

19 lbs.

Weight: 50 percentile
Height: 10 percentile
Head size: 90 percentile

14 lbs.
Weight: not even on the charts
Height: 25 percentile
Head size: 10 percentile

Not crawling, no teeth. Starting on meats, which will be good for Jo who is a bit anemic. I wish everyone could see how involved Amelia gets when I read her a story. Jo is just too wiggly. She'll make it through about half the book before she wants to see what the pages taste like. Both approaches are fine, but it takes some juggling to keep them both happy. I work on spending time individually with each of them separately, which means their nap schedule rotates which also means I don't get a nap.
But the weather is turning. I can't tell you how warmer weather warms my soul. Trev wants to find a job in California when he graduates, partially because of the job prospects and partially because his brother lives there. It wouldn't hurt my feelings! 


  1. Winter kills me too. Bonafide SAD and all. Too bad most of California is plenty saturated with dentists!

  2. I fantasize about living in California. A lot. Like today it's sunny but IT'S COLD OUT THERE. And really I just want to crawl back into my cave and not shave my legs.


  3. I bet Disneyland has nothing to do with the California dream, huh? ;)

  4. The girls are so cute. I cannot believe they are 9 months old. What size are they wearing now? Summer is nice. Good time to get out.