baby antics

Millie has been doing the most hilarious thing. She's a very social little girl, and 'talks' to us all the time, but lately she's been fake laughing. Like this morning, Trev and I were laughing pretty hard together, and Millie wanted to join, so she started laughing too. Which made us laugh even harder. She does it all the time now to get attention. If I'm, say, pushing her in a cart at the grocery store, she'll start 'laughing' so I'll look at her and laugh too. So funny how she wants to be included already, I mean, she's aware that she wants to be laughing with us. Books are her favorite thing. Left by herself, I'll come in to find her turning the pages in her book looking at the pictures. I love it, and to encourage it I put up shelves just her height with her books so she can pick them up by herself.
Josephine is SO CLOSE to crawling/walking. This girl is a kinetic learning. It's all go-go-go with her. She eats more food than Amelia, but is so much more active. She's the skinniest little bean in the world. I can reach all the way around her waist with my fingers touching. She seems like a mix between her uncles Spencer and Blake. I especially see Blake in her smile - it's very wide and almost straight across.
Since they've been sleeping through the night I have been a much happier person (imagine!). I don't dread nighttime anymore, and look forward to hitting my pillow knowing I have at least 6 hours to myself ahead of me. The girls are in such a sweet age, I'd be okay if they just stayed here for a while. I'm a happy mom. I've also been sewing like crazy, and sometimes I put up my projects on my other blog, Pluie Parisienne, but I'm finding time to be on the computer is next to nothing these days. Babies want ALL OF ME ALL THE TIME AND NOTHING ELSE WILL DO, THANK YOU.


  1. Ah, I envy you on the sleeping. Capt. is still up 2-3 times a night. I deeply suspect having his bedroom window overlook a parking lot + having lots of neighbors who get drunk and drag race across said parking lot at all hours of the night (hollering all the while) is a factor.
    I'm holding out for living in a quite house making the difference for him.....
    and he does the fake laughing too and I LOVE it.

    I think I need more photos of your girls though.......

  2. Oh! I love reading the updates. I hope that in someway we can see you guys sooner rather than later. We miss you all. (Also, if you need a friend, I'll be your friend.)