I've probably lost all my devoted readers, my absence has been so prolonged. As you probably understand, taking care of twin one-year-old rascals full time is consuming. The babies are all over the place, under chairs, over pillows, in corners, and always seeking electrical outlets. They turned one year old on June 10, can you believe it! Sorry to say we didn't do much to celebrate. They did get some ice cream cake. Josephine is still tiny, and so endearing. She's started giving us kisses when we pull her out of the crib in the mornings. Trev and I used to stay in bed as long as possible listening to her "bahs" and squeals hoping the other spouse would get up, but now we jump hoping for a morning kiss. Amelia is starting to exert her independence. She would rather be on the floor than in your arms, and nearly refuses to be fed. She must get her little hands in her own bowl and with sticky fingers. I must admit as aggravating as it is, I admire her spirit.
Another landmark passed as well. Trev and I are embarking on our fifth year of marriage. The term 'newlyweds' no longer seems to apply having two babies and four years under our belts.
Sweet Trev is enjoying his first break from hard core school for the first time in our married life. Not much of a break though because he's working on his portfolio and website everyday. He's graduating in December though! YAY. We're praying for a job. He'll start looking in August-ish. I'm hoping to stay in Utah. When I first got married I wouldn't have ever thought I'd type those words, but having babies changes everything. The familiarity, the LDS community, the clean neighborhoods all seem so appealing now. But I want more than anything for Trevor to feel my full support and feel like he can go anywhere for a job and we'll make it home. But still......
Who knows next time I'm going to have time in front of a computer screen, but I'll make more of an effort! Till next time....


  1. I'm still here! (Drowning in my own lovable quagmire though....)

    Sounds like we'll be job-hunting at the same time. I wish us both luck and lovely places to live.

  2. Hooray for one year old twins! You survived your first year of mommyhood - huzzah!

    If I hear of any graphic design jobs, I'll let you guys know.

  3. Hey! For some reason or another I never saw your blog updates (or about 3 others for that matter.. must have been something on my own page). It's been fun visiting you! Great to hear things are going well still. See you tomorrow! :)