Stitches and a Trip to the Car in the Buff

My mom and I took the babies to the Springville Museum of Art to see the annual Quilt Show, and WOW. This year was stellar! I dropped my jaw at a few. I posted some pictures below of my favorites. Forgive the quality, I was wrangling twins and taking pictures with my phone. I also didn't get the artists' names, which is a sin for an art historian.

Very cool Celtic knots!

This was one of the displays in a case - vintage play sewing machines! Charming!
 I never thought of using fabric like this artist. She treated it like origami, three dimensional.

And here was when the adventure began. To reward the babies for sitting in their stroller so patiently whilst we reveled in stitchery, we brought them to the Sculpture Garden to crawl around. My mother was the talented gardener who designed and planted the garden, so we've spent a lot of time there, and it looked fabulous. Anyway, I think you can figure out what happened next from the pictures......I think of all my thousands of experiences at the Museum, this may be among the most unforgettable!


  1. Whew, that's a happy, albeit memorable one.... from the title I was assuming one of the twins needed stitches by the end of the story! (I have boys, I assume things like that....)

  2. How cute! I can't believe you put the twins in the stroller without diapers on- you are daring! I love the quilt show. I have been meaning to try my hand at the cathedral window quilt pattern but I am still too intimidated.

  3. Great pictures! I must say, I love Millie's face in that second to last photo! Priceless. One she's NEVER going to let you guys show her future boyfriends... Ha!

  4. I have to agree with Laura, that picture of Millie is one of the cutest things I've ever seen!

  5. Yeah, I think its going to be in her photo album forever. She's always pulling hilarious faces! And I have NO idea where she got it from... :)

  6. Hi Shelley--I saw on FB that your blog was public and am so glad that I checked it out! Your girls are darling! I haven't been very good about keeping in touch with old grad school friends since leaving Utah, but I'm trying to be better at it. I read your post about feeling the need to make more mom friends. I fiercely resisted the mom groups here because I felt so out of place with them before becoming a mother, but now I'm starting to see that their company might fill a need, too. It's a struggle. Good luck with everything!