unconnected thoughts

We are enjoying summer immensely here. Love all the fresh produce, and I can't seem to get enough strawberries and tomatoes! The babies get many varied experiences here with people, objects and activities. I'm worried wherever we move they will get bored quickly.
Millie fell face-first three times today. Once off the couch in the hallway during sacrament. Once into a bucket of water. Third was falling off some storage bins in the bedroom. Needless to say, they are crawling everywhere.
I'm actually getting a chance to read these days! It is so refreshing after literally months and months of no periods of time to read. The twins are sleeping in regular nap intervals, so I get to read. Which means I haven't been sewing much, but that's okay.
Despite the marvelous company of my mother and sister, which I'm grateful for everyday I'm here, I think I need to make some fellow mom-friends. I'm starting to worry I'm never going to make new friends at all. My old friends from The King's English, graduate school and college are distancing in time and space and familiarity. I desperately wish I could live closer to Sarah. There have been many, many surprises with motherhood, mostly amazingly wonderful ones, but I think being isolated from other adult company is one of the harder ones for me.
So I'll try to blog more, and put my feelers out in social ways, which is difficult for me. Oh, and you've probably noticed this is no longer a private blog. Too hard to maintain, so I guess I'll just risk it. As we speak a pink pajama-ed 13-1/2-month-old girl is piling stuffed critters on my lap, and trying to get my attention. Time to put them to bed.


  1. I know what you mean about trying to connect with mom-friends. It was really hard for me to connect with other moms during the first year of Sam's life, for a whole bunch of different reasons (nap schedules, moving to a new area, etc.). Really, I kind of resisted going to playgroups and "mommy" outings for a long time, because I worried that moms would just sit around and talk about their kids - and I wanted more interesting conversation topics than poopy diapers and sleeping schedules!

    I hope you can find some good mom-friends who are as interesting and dynamic as yourself, Shelley. I wish we lived closer!

  2. And...... this is why I blog. I would lose my mind otherwise.

  3. Mmmm . . . strawberries.

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