Curious George...

...are their favorite books right now. I love the inflections and pointing; it makes me feel like they really are listening when we read!


  1. I love the non-destructive page turning! Go girl!

  2. So so sweet!
    My oldest daughter was like that. Carefully turning pages of books and "reading" them before she could even walk! I patted myself on the back. I was such a good mom. Exposing her to the world of literature and instilling a respect for books in her. We had a large library of books for her at her reach.
    Then I had Kate. Kate ate books. As soon as she figured out how to grasp things, she was reaching, grasping and eating books. Not even board books were safe.
    The moral of the story... watch out for that next babe!

  3. I love the sense of read, read, read, and pat my sister, and then read, read, read.

  4. Well what is really funny is if you watch Millie, she looks over at me when she's attempting to pat Jo, with this look of "Is this okay mom?" because lately we've been redefining "gentle."