Red Letter Day!

Lucky things happened for us today! I am almost afraid to write about in case somehow it stops our lucky streak. To begin with, the Grayscale Gorilla is one of the premiere motionographers in the field (the field Trevor wants to enter into professionally). Trev has been following him religiously for months and months, doing his tutorials, entering his competitions, etc. The big news is that when the Gorilla saw Trev's Zoo York piece, he was impressed, and e-mailed him. Within 24 hours he had CALLED TREVOR ON THE TELEPHONE and asked him to freelance two jobs with him! WOW! So exciting for us! Ah, such is the life of a talented artist :)! So proud of him!
Within hours Trevor also received an e-mail from a graphic design firm, Rooster and White Creative Studio, in Provo responding to his job application. I guess they're having a bit of a competition and sending a challenge to the job contestants, and whosoever completes it most to their satisfaction will get the job. We don't know how many he's competing against, but I tell you what, we could use some prayers and well wishing! Trevor could SO USE the work experience, and it would just benefit us in every single way. I have every faith in Trevor's impressive design ability, but its such a subjective field, he could have the best design and still not get the job. So here's to hoping!

On the baby front, we made a real mess today with warm water, toilet paper, Borax, a shaved Ivory Soap bar, food coloring, scoops, sieves, spouts, spoons, etc. Jo was fascinated for about half an hour, and for a fourteen month old chicklet, that's like an eternity! I was also thrilled to see C-3PO sing and dance on Sesame Street tonight. We got the 40-year Anniversary DVD collection through Netflix, and couldn't believe Star Wars made an appearance in the 80s. Awesome!

A good, good day, today.


  1. You know, they say days like this day of 8/9/10 are supposed to be lucky... ;)
    Glad you had a good day! Prayers and good vibes coming your way!

  2. The praying will commence immediately. Bravo!