Ways in which my Master's Degree aids in everyday life, and 'The Clockwork Three'

My mom, the twins and I set out to Salt Lake today. I have been craving a Mazza house salad for a while, so we ate there for lunch (9th & 9th Mazza, not 15th & 15th). The set up was pretty good for Jo and Millie, with a long bench and a window. The table was L-shaped, and two sharply dressed professional men with Blackberries sat in the table adjacent to us on the bench, who largely ignored us. When the food came, there was nowhere to put Millie's high chair except between our table and the gentlemens'. Millie was practically sitting at their table as much as she was at ours, and being the little social girl she is, turned around and joined the two men. She looked hysterical, just like she was eavesdropping. She was exasperated they paid her no attention whatsoever, despite her being right there. My mom and I were trying to smother giggles. My mom then tried to say something funny to the men, like, "Hope you knew what you were getting in for when you got this table!" They smiled not-so-politely and waved off the conversation.
It was at this moment I thought to myself that yes, I may have a rumpled shirt and two toddlers with pita bread sticking out of their mouths, but I do have a Master's Degree in Art History, in which I read and wrote in French and traveled to Paris to do research. I could totally out-snob these two dudes with the shirts and ties and rude side glances. But I didn't because I have a grip on reality. Just one more way in which my degree helps in my everyday life.

We also ran into some dear friends of ours at lunch, and I will use this opportunity to unabashedly put a plug in for his Young Adult novel being published by Scholastic this October 1st, The Clockwork Three. I haven't read it yet, but have it very good authority that it is fantastic, and just can't wait to get my hands on it! His opening celebration will be at The King's English, probably coinciding sometime with the release of his book. I will be there, and think everyone else should come, or at least put The Clockwork Three at the top of your 'To Be Read' list!


  1. Thanks for the book suggestion! It sounds interesting.

    And, I loved to read how your degree helps in everyday life. :) You may apply your degree in better ways than me! :)

  2. You should have spoken to them in French accents. I know that has always worked for me in the past...or you should have yelled something like, "Children are our future!"

    I'm going to write those men a letter, that'll teach them.

  3. You are an ambitious mom.... I hope I'm more like you when I grow up. In the meantime I avoid taking my kids inside restaurants, mostly because I'm not sure I have the stamina to withstand those snobby withering glances.