very tired

I am so tired. Corralling very active twins whilst making a new baby is, as you might suspect, intense. To add to it, we've had massive family drama on the Williams branch of the family tree, where I've never had a plan backfire so badly in my life. So its a bit of a chore to keep up my physical and emotional energy. 
I'm about 75% sure we're going to rent and not buy, and about 95% sure we want to live in Lehi. Its close to Trev's work, close to my family, and Thanksgiving Point. Now's just the search for a good place, which is also making me tired.

They've escaped upstairs - I better go after them.


  1. I know that tired, and it's a tired that you can't explain verbally to anyone who hasn't experienced it. Here's hoping your future trimesters bring more energy!

  2. Wow, you really have a lot going on! So, I just wanted to say that Matt and I would really recommend the Brigham Apartments. They are a little spendy but in a great location with elevators and underground parking. That is where we lived for the past two years. You also get to go to church in the Joseph Smith Memorial Bldg and Elder Ballard and Parry lived in the ward boundaries when we moved out in July. Good luck house hunting! OH and congrats on the pregnancy!