Security Blanket

This video will make me laugh as long as I live! Today was the twin's first day in nursery at church, and Josephine came home needing some extra security. So she hid under her blanket during lunch. All we could see was her little hand emerging to deliver food. Whenever we'd try to take it off, we were answered with a high-pitched shriek. Don't you know how she feels? Sometimes I wish I had something that made me feel as safe and secure as Jo's blanket makes her feel. Sweet girl. We spent time doing some of her favorite things, and she cheered up.

This is how she looks most mornings - in her jammies, with her almost too heavy for her blanket around her shoulders like a cape, and of course with her ever-present Pooh Bear.

Naturally Jo can't sleep without her blanket. Millie is attached to her blanket, but even more so to her 'softie,' which is a small blanket with a pink bear torso attached to it, but she only needs it at naps and bedtime, nothing like Jo.


  1. My kids attached themselves to a pacifier and a bottle respectively - and those are much more problematic. I think a blankie is a great choice, your girls chose well!

  2. The girls are totally attached to their binkies too, which is starting to bother me since they're 18 months old, but whatever.

  3. SO cute!! I can't believe they're old enough to go to nursery.

  4. I'm totally eating breakfast like that tomorrow.