stockings and laughs

It is taking me three times longer than I thought it would to sew Jo, Millie and Hazel's stockings. I keep thinking that they'll hopefully grow up associating them with Christmas, so all the effort is worth it, but I'm also thinking that after Christmas is over I'm not going to want to be working on them.
Amazing how tired I've been. I'm only making one baby this time! Come on, body! But somehow graduate school didn't take as much physical effort as raising twin 18-month-olds. I did lift some heavy books and haul them home from the HBLL, but tis nothing to this.
The twins are at a truly delightful stage. They are comprehending more and more, and make me laugh every day. Two things that they did to make me laugh today: Millie loves her church shoes. They're sparkly and have pink rhinestone hearts. When she saw I had them pulled out this morning, she wore them all day long - all the way up to bathtime. Jo made me laugh doing what her father calls her "kissy face." He's been teaching them all sorts of tricks these days, its pretty hilarious.
We're in full Christmas swing, and I've never enjoyed it quite so much as this year! We've got a great week ahead, my birthday's Tuesday and Trev's off after Wednesday! Yay!

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