exploratory spirits

I am truly grateful Hazel is a full term baby. So many things can go wrong with an early labor, and the baby is just not ready for the world. It comforts me to know that the likelihood of Hazel having trouble is lesser everyday she gestates. It has, however, been a test of endurance the past few weeks. Jo and Millie, true to their almost-20-month-old selves, are unrelenting. Yesterday I left them upstairs to go retrieve my phone from the car. A matter of 15 seconds or less. By the time I had re-entered the house, Jo was on top of the kitchen table throwing my mom's decorative Valentine glass balls from their home in the display dish with all her might onto the floor, delighting in the smashing crashing they made. 15 seconds people! Its like she laid in bed at night concocting the plan! Like she was just waiting for the opportune moment to seize her chance to smash those balls. Mischievous imp! And that is indicative of their activities lately. Let's see - can I climb onto the windowsill? Can I climb onto the nightstand? Can I climb the entertainment system? Can I climb the fireplace? How about the kitchen counter, or the pantry? What can I destroy today that would make the most sound and mess?
I can't begrudge their exploratory spirit. But this stage is getting a bit tedious. Especially for a mama with a big, big pregnant belly.


  1. you mean girls do that too?

  2. Sometimes I swear that my daughter is suicidal. I'm like, really? This seems like a good idea to you? I know you're two, but come on! LOL