Jo is....a smart one

Jo wanted the toy stroller. Millie had the stroller. Jo rammed Millie with the Pooh Choo-Choo to make Millie mad, who subsequently ran over to swat Jo. In the meantime, Jo's eyes were glued to the stroller, waiting for her chance to snatch it. Millie delivered her blow, which Jo didn't even notice because she was half way to the stroller, which she won. Apparently in Jo's mind its worth a swat to get what she wants. When did she become a strategist?
Hazel and I were on the sidelines, nursing, which feels like all I do now. The twins do not appreciate the time I spend nursing Hazel. *Sigh.*
Hazel is a wonderful baby. I think, however, that she makes it a goal to go through more than 2 outfits a day. I don't remember the twins having so much poo. She's got all this crazy baby acne which drives me bonkers because it looks like I don't keep her clean or like she's sick or something. The nurse said it was a perfectly normal and common thing, and there is absolutely nothing I can do for it. Not even soap and water. Mmmmm :(.

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  1. The more I bathe my babies, the worse their acne gets. Don't bathe her until she's legitimately gross. See if it helps.