our newest

When Hazel was born, it was clear to me her middle name wasn't Luthien. She just didn't look like it. Neither did Charlotte, Jane or Bronte. If she looked like any elf from LOTR, she'd have been Goldberry, which, I think you will agree, just wouldn't be acceptable in our culture. Anyway, Anabelle is Trevor's all time favorite girl name after Amelia, and we thought since our next baby may not be a girl, we should use the name he likes best.

My favorite thing each of my girls do these days:

Amelia: She greets everyone with this lilting, sweet "Hiiiiiiiiii." Its adorable. She tilts her head and smiles and its so cute I just can't help but hug her every time she does it.
Josephine: She has a goblin-storming-the-castle-walk. Its hysterical. She crouches, put her fingers out in claw-like configurations and walks. Sometimes she even does her sly eyes with it. I laugh and laugh and laugh.
Hazel: She likes her cradle, but she'd prefer to be in bed with me at night. She just kind of whimpers, and groans and moans until I pull her out. Its not an all out fuss, just a little nagging. I also love how she will not be alone in her cradle during the day. She has to be out with us. I can't believe she can sleep through the twins' raucous mischief, but she sleeps better in the midst of us rather than alone in our room.


  1. sounds about right for a 3rd child....

  2. I loved the name Hazel Anabelle from the first time I heard it! I think she's beautiful. We were looking at the pics you posted the other day, seeing if Hazel looked more like Amelia or Josephine. As far as I can tell, she is a completely new and adorable combination of you and Trevor.