parlez vous francais?

Last Christmas my sister-in-law was telling me about her daughter's Chinese immersion program in first grade. I was fascinated with the idea, and off-handedly said I would be interested in doing a French immersion program with my girls. Alanna said that there were some in SLC, and ever since then the idea has festered in my mind. I've been researching schools that do have French language programs, and the question is: How much should my desire for my girls to learn French in elementary school influence where we move? It is thinking four years in the future, but since Trevor is planning to stay with Verite for at least that long, if not longer, then the idea is not irrelevant. I'm planning on calling each of the schools and finding out more about their programs (Are they even likely to have such a program in four years? How are the children chosen for the program? Does it matter if you live in or out of the school boundaries? etc.). The idea of having my daughters chat in French with me fills me with a deep happiness. I could be a room mom, helping the kids read in French, and I'd be more than able to help with their homework...and I even thought to have a goal to bring the whole family to France when the twins graduate high school if they keep with it. Vive la France!


  1. I'm pretty sold on immersion learning myself - although less picky about what language it is. That's the first thing I look up for each area Renn looks into for work. However, I wouldn't be able to be all cool and useful like you.

  2. I'm a big fan, and wish I'd sought out more opportunities for Jack (though he did have a year of Spanish in second grade). Did I ever tell you that I went to an immersion French preschool for a while? I have a few memories, and am convinced that it helped me have a better ear for French when I studied it in high school and college.

    My German aunt sent her three girls to German school on Saturdays for many years. They weren't always thrilled, but they are happy to be familiar with German now and it helped them get into their first choice colleges.

    I think it would give them a huge advantage in life.