art and toddlers mix

Yesterday I took the twins and Hazel to the Springville Museum of Art, something we do probably twice a month. To keep Jo & Millie's hands busy and to lure them away from the temptation to handle any low-lying frames, I bring their two pink shopping carts to push along in the galleries. Between their toddler chatter, their exuberant exclamations whenever they spotted a horse in a painting, and the racket the carts make on the uneven tile floor, I imagine we are heard throughout the museum. I noticed that our noise caused two elderly patrons to raise their voices from reverential whispers to conversational tones, and within a few minutes they were laughing and chatting. I'd like to think that having two noisy toddlers broke the "a-museum-is-like-a-library" quiet for the spectators, freeing their conversation. I wish the museum experience was considered a more lively, even exhilarating, experience where we can leave our isolated everydays and connect to the human universal. Throw some human dirt in the white box!

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