a bit of validation

Just have to say - whenever someone else watches the twins, which is none too often, they invariably end up frazzled, a little frantic, and exhausted. Even if that someone is around them on a daily basis. Even if its only for an hour. I'm pretty sure this is why children need a full time mom, someone who knows that sometimes a little Curious George can go a long way, that the girls will do almost anything if there's a promise of chocolate or marshmallows in the end,* and knows all the signs preceding a meltdown. I know its terrible, but I do feel gratified when someone else takes the reigns and sees how formidable raising twin hooligans can be. Everybody needs a bit of validation now and then.

*So will I, for that matter!

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  1. I love your side note about chocolate/marshmallows! Jaime and I often discuss what life must be like for you, and it usually just amounts to us being in awe. We've got our hands full with just the one. It's pretty amazing to us how sane you are!