a farewell

Whenever someone says "I bet your mom is going to miss having you and your girls in the house," all I can see is a mental montage of all the food flinging, screaming, toy scattering, mischief making destruction they have wreaked on this house. All the child locks, rubber bands, and tape keeping them out of cabinets, pantries and rooms. The tivo is filling up with Curious George cartoons. There are toys in every room in the house. All the messes they've made. All the noise pollution they make. And then I serenely respond, "No...I don't think she will."


  1. amen amen amen amen amen. Especially because you'll still be in easy visiting proximity. That will make for a very happy Grandma. I'm pretty sure that after we move out we'll be visiting grandma at her house as little as possible for a year or so - just to give her space to remember she loves us after all.

  2. Did you get that darling little house that you posted about earlier this month?

    I'm sure your mom will also be sad to have you guys leave - even if she might be a little bit glad too! We recently moved out of my in-law's home, and now my father-in-law has asked if he can stop by our house after work (just so he can see Sam). It's nice to know that we (especially Sam) are missed.