an observation

House hunting is as close to dating as any experience I've had since married. You meet, fall in love (or definitely don't), spend some time together, decide you can deal with the other's flaws enough to commit, make an offer and wait to be accepted or rejected. Each rejection feels like a break-up and takes time to recover. You both come having past relationships leaving you with scars and expectations. You have to cope with ideals and reality, and figuring out which personal needs must be met, and how much 'repair' you're willing to put in. And there's a heavy reliance on prayer. Its fun, exhausting, but in the end, its just better to be married.


  1. I love this.
    And as one who hopes to be house hunting within a year or so... I'm holding my breath.

  2. :D We totally relate to this! Perfect analogy.

  3. Awesome connections. Love it.