Trevor's BFA is due on the 27th. B & D are moving in and need to put stuff in our space. So, as any sane mother would do (ha ha), I decided to drive 14.5 hours with three children under the age of two, to see my best friend. I made it all by myself. Not to easy a feat! But we're here and having a marvelous time. Trevor is getting a lot of work done and I'm so happy to spend time with my bff. She may be moving to the east coast in the next two years, and this may be one of the few times in the foreseeable future I can spend time with her.
I'm lucky to have had the same best friend since I was nine. The Charlotte Bronte quote, "Whatever our souls are made of......yours and mine are the same," always makes me think of her and me. Its been funny, I'll pull out a shirt or pick out one of her plates, and unbeknownst to us we'll have purchased the same one. We're also lucky to have girls the same age, so we are going through the same motherhood joys and woes.
Its the little things about her that never change that I forget about until I'm with her that really makes spending time with her a joy. Things like her special playlists, the look on her face when Errol Flynn woos the heroine on screen, or how we have to stop for a Diet Coke even though we're already half and hour late. I love having a best friend who I can talk to about anything and everything. I just adore her and despite the grueling trip and missing Trevor, I'm glad to be here.


  1. You are lucky. I've never had one, let alone one that sticks like that.

  2. Don't you wish at times that we could get sealed to friends and stuff? That would be the best, to have your best friends with you forever!

  3. How fun for you to have a little time away and to be with your bestie! I'm very impressed that you undertook that trip alone. You are amazing. Have a great time!