.....that's the word I would use to describe life right now. I'm trying to keep my chin up, but I feel so cramped. The weather hasn't allowed many park trips the last week. The twins are becoming increasingly wild. I don't think they're out of the ordinary for their age, but there are two of them, which makes double the mess, double the mischief. They follow one another and create craziness times two. I seriously can't go anywhere by myself, even if I put Hazel in the wrap and put the twins in the stroller, I literally can't keep the twins together and with me. Go to the grocery store? Jo is off this way and Millie is off that, and I have a baby strapped to my chest. Even if I wanted to go out by myself there is only a two-hour window in the morning that's open because of nursing schedule, nap schedule and food preparation and mealtimes. AND to top it off, its crunch time for Trevor's BFA so even when he's home in the evenings he works on it. His schedule has been to sleep between 10 and 2 AM and then work on his BFA until he has to leave for work. Poor fella.

AND my mom, sister, sister-in-law and a family friend are going to Disneyland next week.

Gripey gripey gripey. Yep. I know it. But I can't help it. I'm seriously struggling right now.

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  1. How's about we come visit you tomorrow? I'm driving down to Orem anyway to pick up some chicks (chicken chicks) because I'm crazy and a pushover. (We'll hopefully only have them a couple of days before I place them). Do you want us to drive down and visit you around lunchtime? You may have to feed us, but my boys eat like birds lately. Let me know!